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• The Characteristics of TAI-PORUXTM HOUSEWRAP :
A . Good strength , no breakage :
As Tensile strength attains Maximum 35.2lb/inch and tear strength attains Maximum 20.5lb, It is not easy to tear so as to ensure the house wrap’s integrity and concretely prove the outstanding functionality of waterproof and permeability.

B . To guard against dew condensation in wall , and to enhance the house life expectancy :
It is more easy to creat dew condensation phenomenon in an interior wall because of the temperature distinction in warm and cold weather in the high airtight housing structure, which brings about the corrosion shown on the interior of structure and reduces the life expectancy of use. The waterproof and permeable TAI-PORUXTM HOUSEWRAP enables the moisture in an interior wall to eject outward through microporous and to prevent the dew condensation from occurance.

C . Remarkable function of waterproof and permeability :
The waterproof and permeable TAI-PORUXTM HOUSEWRAP can discharge indoor moisture through micropores. It's permeability can reach Maximum 837g/m2.24hr, and it can completely resist rain to seep through.


D . Superior to wind protection :
As waterproof and permeable TAI-PORUXTM HOUSEWRAP carries special microporous structure with the high performance of air penetration rate towards to zero, the outside cold air getting into through permeable layer will not seep into the insulation material so as to maintain good optimum temperature effects enabling to make a comfortable




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